How to Pay for Home Health

Whenever you’re faced with an unexpected surgery or health diagnosis, one of the first questions you may ask is, “How will I cover any medical expenses?” It’s a valid question. When it comes to home health care though, the good news is that you likely won’t need to use any personal funds to cover treatment as long as you have proper insurance coverage and meet certain eligibility requirements. For the majority of cases, your insurance will be able to cover the cost. Here are a couple options available to you that can be used to be pay for home health:



Each of our Nurse On Call agencies are Medicare certified, which means Medicare will cover 100% of the cost for in-home health care for you if you meet their eligibility requirements. We recommend learning more about home health coverage on the Medicare website, but our team is also more than willing to talk you through the requirements and help you determine if you qualify for full coverage.

Veterans Affairs

If you’re a veteran then your skilled home health care could be covered by The Department of Veterans Affairs. Services may vary from location to location and you may be responsible for a copay. You can learn more by contacting a VA representative or by visiting the United States Department of Veterans Affairs website.

Medicare Replacement Plans and Private Insurance

Some private insurance companies or worker’s compensation plans may cover the cost of home health care services. It’s wise to reach out to your provider for details on what is covered through your personal plan.


Depending on where you live, your state’s Medicaid program may cover the cost of in-home services for patients who meet the eligibility requirements. Because Medicaid varies from state to state, it’s important to look up the specific requirements and coverage available in the state where you live.


If Home Health Services are ordered by your physician, Nurse On Call will verify your benefits, eligibility and any needed authorization.


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