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What Is Home Health Care?

Unless you work in the healthcare industry, you may have been unfamiliar with the term "home health care" until your physician recommended it for your recovery or treatment. This type of skilled medical care is focused on helping you heal in the comfort and safety of your own home for those who qualify. Whether you have a chronic condition, could use extra time recovering from a fall or illness, or need nursing care following a medical procedure, home health care can help you manage or improve your medical condition while helping to prevent a potentially avoidable hospitalization.


What Is Home Health Like?

By focusing on patient-centered care and hiring skilled clinicians we’ve been able to offer a quality experience. But you may be wondering what that experience might look like for you. Because we approach our care from a personalized standpoint, every patient’s experience is unique, but here’s an idea of what you might expect throughout the process:

Choosing Nurse On Call

Once you choose Nurse On Call as your home health provider and you've received an order from your physician, our Home Health Care Coordinator will visit you in person or reach out by phone to coordinate your care and discuss the services you need. We’ll verify your insurance, answer any questions you have about your treatment and schedule your start of care. From there, the clinician who will be visiting you will reach out to introduce themselves and confirm the date and time of your first in-home appointment.

The Initial Consultation

The first appointment is all about designing a care plan that’s right for you. Your clinician will perform a thorough physical assessment, review the medications that your doctor ordered and interview you and/or your caregivers about your medical history. Once we have a solid understanding of your current symptoms and concerns, we’ll move forward with an individualized plan of care to help you get back to your best health.

In-Home Appointments

Most in-home visits last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Our clinician will work with you to schedule these visits and confirm your appointment the night before. Because we want to get you feeling better as soon as possible, our team will work with you on specific skills or therapies at each appointment. We’ll also give you the tools and resources you need to better understand your condition, as well as make sure you’re aware of any troublesome signs or symptoms to keep an eye out for.


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